Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Evelise Welcomes Cree Storm

Hera and Aries have taken over Olympus. The other Gods have one chance to free Zeus and take his rightful place. However, in order to do so the other Gods must be willing to sacrifice their freedom for his. They have only a short time to accomplish this and the stones will lead the way. Twelve keys will release Zeus from Icarus and those keys are each a mate to the chosen ones. Each obstacle is a labor Hercules is all too familiar with.  Can they succeed before their time runs out or are they all doomed?

Finding out his mate is a griffin and blind as well does not stop Hephaestus from pursuing the man. When his mate Timmy discovers that Hera was behind the attack that killed his family and there are more survivors, Hephaestus must go and help save the others and keep Timmy alive while doing it.

Adult Excerpt

Timmy gently opened to Hephaestus and Hephaestus didn't waste any time as he slipped his tongue in and tasted his mate's warm, moist mouth. Timmy caught on quickly as their tongues danced a dance as old as time and teeth clacked together. Hearing Timmy hum with desire brought Hephaestus's desires to the surface even more so than they were to start with.

Pulling back for a breath, Hephaestus took that time to quickly divest Timmy of his shirt so he could feel skin beneath his palms. The sounds coming from Timmy were going straight to Hephaestus's balls. Then he felt Timmy bring his hands under his shirt with soft, timid motions, rubbing his abs and pectoral muscles.

Jerking back, Hephaestus pulled his shirt off and said, almost begging, “Touch me, Timmy. I love the feeling of your hands running across my skin.”

“How do you have so many firm, well-defined muscles and your rough hands on my skin are like sparks lighting my body into flames?” Timmy whispered.
Hephaestus swallowed hard as he tried to answer. “I work with my hands. I'm a blacksmith. I make weapons with metal and fire for the Gods.”

“One day I think I would like to be touching you while you create something. I can feel your muscles tighten and move with each stoke,” Timmy said in a breathless voice.

Hephaestus pulled Timmy tighter to him, grinding his hard, weeping cock into his mate as he growled. “You can touch me anytime, but right now I want to touch and kiss every part of your body and then I am going to turn you over that bed, put you on your hands and knees, and plow my shaft into your pulsing hole.”

Timmy's face became desperate as he begged, “Please!”

Hephaestus stepped back from Timmy. When his mate made a desperate cry, Hephaestus ground out, “Baby, I'm not going anywhere, but I need to get these clothes off right now!”

Timmy unzipped his pants and quickly brought them down, forgetting he had his shoes on. He would have fallen if Hephaestus had not caught him and whispered, “Careful, Timmy. I don't want you hurting yourself.”

Blushing, Timmy said, “I forgot to take off my shoes.”

The smile was in Hephaestus’s voice as he said, “I want you just as desperately, mate. Let me help you out.”

Getting on his knees, Hephaestus helped remove Timmy's shoes and socks and then stood back up, about swallowing his own tongue when Timmy lowered his pants all the way and scooted up the bed, spreading his legs and grasping his own cock in his hands.

“Oh Gods, you are sexy,” Hephaestus gasped out.

Timmy's voice was desperate with need as he said, “Hurry, Heph!”
Finishing removing his clothing, Hephaestus climbed over his mate and began to kiss Timmy's shoulders. He made his way down to his left nipple and nipped it with his teeth, then licked away the sting. Hearing Timmy hiss with passion, Hephaestus made his way to the other nipple and repeated his movements.

Kissing his way down to his mate’s navel, Hephaestus rolled his tongue in circles a few times and then slid his tongue even lower.
Timmy spread his legs even wider and began to raise his hips, but Heph was not about to rush their first time. Holding Timmy's hips, he licked the inner crease next to his man's balls then took Timmy's sac into his mouth.

“Heph…Heph…” Timmy sobbed as he again tried to lift his hips, but Hephaestus held them down as he drove his nose into his mate’s shaft smelling the glorious muskiness of his mate as he plundered Timmy's nut sac.

Humming his pleasures, Hephaestus slurred once more before raising up slightly and licking the oozing pre-cum that was making its way down his man's shaft. “You taste so damn good, my little mate.”

Terry could only moan and wiggle as he grabbed Hephaestus's hair and tried to pull him down to his leaking shaft for more loving. Heph, not wanting to disappoint his man, took Timmy up on his offer and wrapped his lips around Timmy's cockhead and slowly lowered down his mate’s hard, leaking shaft.

Taking his tongue on the underside of that long, pulsing vein, Heph played with the underside of the cockhead, making Timmy squeal. His mate’s responses were more than Heph could hope for and his own cock jumped in response and grew harder to the point of pain.

Hephaestus pumped his hips, enjoying the friction of the comforter on his aching shaft as he moved his mouth up and down Timmy's shaft.
“Heph…I need…I need…” Timmy tried to talk, but to Hephaestus’s joy and contentment he couldn't finish his sentence as Heph increased the suction on his man's shaft.

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