Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Work in Progress~ Still Untitled

Untitled~ My inspiration for Tiara Genoese

“How exciting. A masquerade ball.” Tiara yanked, unlady-like, the zipper on the garment bag, surmising it contained a costume. Separating the two sides, she unveiled what appeared to be some sort of slave costume. The note attached to the costume read, Princess Leia. One of her favorite movies of her youth was Star Wars. She’d seen it thirteen times the summer of its release, with…Her thoughts strayed and she snickered at how it be near impossible to see the same movie more than once today, the exorbitant amount theaters charged.

“Lordy, if I’m Princess Leia, I hope my date is Hans Solo and not Jabba the Hut.”

Since the party didn’t expect arrivals until nine thirty, Tiara had plenty of time to indulge herself and take a soak. Divesting herself of her blouse and skirt, she strode to the bathroom and gasped when she feasted her eyes upon the sunken marble Grecian tub. After the day she experienced yesterday, at her favorite Tampa spa, a soak sounded heavenly. She’d gone to the spa to primp and pamper before her upcoming weekend. Always one to follow the rules, Tiara succumbed to a wax treatment, removing all anal hair and vaginal, except for a slivered silver-blue hued stripe down the center of her pussy. She was tweezed, trimmed, and well-oiled, her skin and hair radiated, properly groomed. If reentering the world of BDSM was on the table, then by gods, she’d do it in style and looking damn good.

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